Thank you all for attending our annual pic-nic

11th July 2016

On Sunday June 26, 2016 we had our annual picnic at Sprain Ridge Park in Yonkers.

It was a wonderful gathering, where everyone enjoyed the sunny day, the friends gathering and the feast offered by Pieria’s Society-«Olympos». The picnic will be an annual event, and will be offered free of charge to members of the Society. With great joy we saw the children make new friends and play, but it was a great joy for the adults as well, since we had the opportunity to meet each other and new members. We thank all the members, families and friends of the Society that honored us with their presence and support us once again.

We would like to a send a special thank you to the President of Litochorinon Mr. Dimitri Davioti, who supports us with his presence and advice from the first steps of the reorganization of Pieria’s Society- «Olympos». We were also very honored as we had the pleasure to have with our company the Deputy Mayor of Amphipolis Mr. Gregory Kodropoulos with his family.

We will promptly inform the next meeting with the members, so everyone will have the opportunity to inform other Pierieis to join us. For more information or if you have not had time to become a member contact us via EMAIL [email protected] or call one of the following members of our Board of Directors:

Dimitris Tsirkos 347.776.3931
Eva Halkias 718.344.3063
Maria Spyridopoulou 617.980.4263

With warm greetings,
The Board

Dimitris Tsirkos, President
Dimitris Ntarlagiannis, Vice President
George Mitros, Secretary A.
Petros Halkias, Secretary B.
Zoe Kaloedas, Treasurer A.
George Raptis, Treasurer B
Eva Halkias, Head of Events and Communication I
Maria Spyridopoulou, Head of Events and Communication II
Peter Charitopoulos, Director of Technology
Manolis Kaloedas, Director of Archives