Why become a member of the Pieria’s Society – “Olympos”

4th April 2016

1. You have Greek heritage and you are from Pieria.
2. You have not origin from Pieria, but you are fond of the area and a friend of the Society.
3. You will meet and make friendships with fellow expatriates.
4. Participation in the Annual Vasilopita event- Free entrance
5. Participation in the Annual Picnic of the Society- Free entrance
6. Participation in Events of the Society with reduced entrance ticket.
7. “Scholarships”/ Student Awards. Families / members of the Society may participate in the annual competition “Scholarships” / Awards for students.
8. Receive or give support in case of emergency. Economic/ Solidarity.
9. Opportunities for participation and volunteering for the community.
10. You receive the right to become a member on the Board of Directors of the Society.
11. Sense of belonging.